Sunday 5th August – Check-in

Jack, Ed, Henry and Rob

Jack, Ed, Henry and Rob

We wake up and meet for breakfast while Ed goes for a final run to make sure that he hasnt wasted the past 6 months by missing weight. we have a couple of hours before weigh-in which is taken up solely by deciding what we are going to wear throughout the race. Once dressed, boots, chaps and helmet included, we make our way upstairs to the meeting room for start of formalities. It is a great relief that we all come under the 85kg weight limit. Notably, Ed cleared at 84.6kg dressed to ride before walking off the scales and to the buffet for a belated breakfast. Rob hardly troubled 70kg. The GPSs were sent off to be loaded, we had some initial briefings and hopped on the bus to travel 5 hours to the start line.

As hour 8 on the bus passes, Rob’s back has ceased again and he’s started to dip into his stash of pain killers for the race.

We arrive, and Rob is relieved to find there are showers here, Jack is already trying to find a local mother to do some washing for him, Ed is still eating post weigh-in and Henry has frog marched straight up the nearest hill to find phone reception.

We have a welcome dinner on the steppe tonight, and tomorrow we dive into some more training with medical and safety briefings and our first ride tomorrow. 

Ed Archibald