Ride for a Cure

1000km, 28 Horses, 4 Brothers


5th August - 18th August 2018

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What are we doing?


We are competing in the 8th Annual - 2018 Mongol Derby. The race runs from the 5th August - 18th August, 2018. 

We are competing in the event to raise money for MS Research Australia and their global campaign for #kissgoodbyetoms

We are aiming to raise $100,000 to help fund research projects trying to determine a cure for MS. That's $100 per km of the race.

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What is the Mongol Derby?

The Mongol Derby is an equestrian endurance race. The race extends 1000 km through the Mongolian Steppe and is known as the world's longest and most difficult horse race. The course recreates the horse messenger system developed by Ghengis Khan in 1224.

Changing horses every 40km, the terrain will invariably include mountain passes, green open valleys, wooded hills, river crossings, wetland and floodplains, sandy semi-arid dunes, rolling hills, dry riverbeds and of course open steppe.

In its 10th year, only 300 people have attempted the Derby, with only 50% completing it.

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Our father and uncle, Rob Bell, suffers from Primary Progressive MS and is wheelchair bound. When Rob was younger, he was a fine horseman and an excellent rider. He dreamt of doing a safari on horseback, or another similar horsebound adventure. He is no longer able to fulfill this dream.

Every day, Rob struggles with the simplest of tasks. Driving is impossible, brushing his teeth is a chore. Despite this his determination and positivity are truly astounding. An Inspiration.

We'll be riding across a country we've never been to, competing in an event that very few people have even heard of, let alone can comprehend.

It's a challenge worthy of our uncle, our dad. We're riding for him.

Who are we?


Henry Bell

After spending time working in the Finance Industry in Sydney, Henry moved back home to Goulburn, NSW to work alongside his father and brother on the family farm. A keen horseman, following in his father’s footsteps, Henry has represented Australia
playing Polo and has a long association with horses, where they also form part of everyday life on the farm.


jack archibald

A professional Polo player and current Captain of the Australian Polo team. Jack recently led Australia in the 2017 Polo World Cup. Around his polo commitments, jack spends him time on the Family farm in Scone, cattle farming.


ed archibald

Growing up alongside brothers Rob and Jack, horses played a huge part in early life
on the farm in Scone. Even though Ed is now based in Sydney, horses continue be an important with Ed remaining an accomplished rider across many disciplines.


rob archibald

A former Captain of the Australian Polo Team and professional Polo player, Rob is
currently working in the thoroughbred Racing industry in both Australia and the UK, with a goal of establishing his own stable as a Race Horse Trainer.

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How can you get involved?